Hurricane Sandy

We are currently offering free treatment for people who have been exposed to Hurricane Sandy and are suffering from PTSD. PTSD is common among people exposed to a traumatic event, such as disasters like Hurricane Sandy.We offer a type of psychotherapy for PTSD called Prolonged Exposure treatment, which has been proven to be the most effective therapy for PTSD. Patients with PTSD who are interested in participating in our study, will be assessed by functional MRI to determine the neural activation before and after treatment.

To schedule a confidential screening, please call Emily Joyner at 646-774-8104 or Danielle Schultz at 646-774-8062.

   Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, disaster preparedness and response has developed into a discrete subspecialty in medicine, and the paramount health care initiative of the U.S. Government. The mental health component of disaster response is a serious subject of study, as trauma is associated with a substantial and long-lasting psychologic burden, both on an individual and community level. The psychopathologies associated with disaster are also quite broad, varying from several different types of post-traumatic stress and anxiety disorders to acute variations of grief-associated depression. This book is the definitive reference on mental health and disasters, focused on the assessment and treatment of the full spectrum of psychopathologies associated with many different types of individual disasters. The logistics for utilizing pre-existing community-based mental health services, as well as the development of new programs, are covered in depth. Case studies and perspectives for improving care, incorporating lessons from Hurricane Katrina and 9/11, are included in detail.